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BlockChain Future


A New Era of Finance

Why Shift to Development Layer2 Wallets?

Traditional DeFI services have played a pivotal role, offering secure, transparent, and intermediary-free functionalities such as trading, lending, and storage. As blockchain technology matures, we have come to recognize the immense potential of Layer2 technology, shifting our focus towards developing Layer2 wallets.

Enhanced Performance:

Increased Scalability:

Layer2 wallets improve transaction speeds and reduce transaction costs.

Layer2 wallets exhibit remarkable scalability and usability.EZDex's Layer2 wallet is equipped to meet the growing demand for transactions while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Here is a comparison between traditional blockchain wallets and Layer 2 wallets:

Traditional Wallets 

Layer 2 Wallets

Relatively slow 

Faster, with some transactions processed off the main chain

Dependent on the current state of the main chain

Potentially lower, as Layer 2 technology alleviates the burden on the main chain


 Better, providing higher transaction throughput

Transaction details publicly visible on the main chain

Enhanced privacy protection

Fully reliant on the security of the main chain

Still reliant on the security of the main chain, with an additional protective layer

Relatively low

Higher, requiring additional technical architecture and protocols







Welcome to              

where we are committed to developing a blockchain Layer2 wallet, heralding a new epoch in financial services.



Slow transaction speeds, higher transaction fees 

Fast transaction speeds, lower transaction fees

Use Cases 

Basic blockchain transactions and wallet functions 

Expanded range of


*Please note that this is a general comparison, and the actual functionalities and advantages may vary depending on different blockchains and Layer 2 technologies. Furthermore, the blockchain industry is evolving rapidly, with new technologies and wallet features constantly emerging. This comparison merely reflects the current state of affairs.

Advantages of Layer 2 Wallets in the Future of Blockchain

Integration with Metaverse: 

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet will collaborate with various metaverse platforms, allowing you to manage and trade your digital assets in the virtual world.

Web3 Integration:

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet will support Web3 technology, enabling easy access and usage of decentralized applications.

NFT Trading Platform:

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet will provide robust NFT trading capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly buy,

sell, and manage non-fungible tokens.

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet brings the advantages of DeFi. As a Layer 2 solution, it offers the following benefits:

Swift Transactions: 

With the Layer 2 Wallet, enjoy rapid transaction confirmations, saving time and reducing transaction waiting periods.

Low Transaction Costs and Fast Confirmations:

The use of Layer 2 technology significantly reduces blockchain transaction fees, resulting in lower transaction costs when using the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet.

Scalability and Expandability: 

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet addresses the scalability issues of the main blockchain, allowing for simultaneous transactions from a greater number of users without compromising blockchain performance.

Integration with DeFi and Decentralized Applications (DApps): 

The EZDex Layer 2 Wallet is committed to bringing DeFi and decentralized applications to your fingertips. It will integrate with various decentralized exchanges, enabling users to directly access these services within the wallet.

 Layer2 Wallet

Represents the next breakthrough in DeFi. By combining the advantages of the metaverse, Web3, NFTs, DeFi, and decentralized applications,

it provides users with an efficient, secure, and innovative financial experience.

Now, let's take a look at the Roadmap of the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet to provide you with insights into our development plans.


Q1-Q2 2023:

Infrastructure Planning and Construction

Assessing the state of the Layer 2 market and conducting a comprehensive analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

Competitive analysis of Layer 2 wallets.

Q4 2023: 

Q3 2023: 

Liquidity Addition

Finalizing the foundational design of the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet.

Adding and opening up SWAP liquidity.

Layer 2 Wallet Testing

Completing the foundational design and development of the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet.

Testing and optimizing the performance and security of the wallet.

Launching the public beta version of the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet to gather user feedback and make improvements.

Q1 2024: 

Function Expansion and Partner Ecosystem

Establishing connections with mainstream blockchain networks to achieve multi-chain support.

Collaborating with key partners to expand the application scenarios and services of the wallet.

This is the RoadMap for the EZDex Layer 2 Wallet. We are committed to building a powerful, secure, and reliable Layer 2 wallet that provides users with an exceptional blockchain financial experience.

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